Capture the art of handmade elegance with the Allure Collection. This unique blending of yarns, featuring rich chenille, high sheen art silk and wool in all yarn sizes, gives the collection’s pile a velvety soft hand and a subtle sheen.  With sophisticated looks and sleek master-crafted hand carved accents, each of these rugs is a unique piece that will coordinate beautifully with the most fashion-forward trends in modern interior design.
· Texture and opulence are ensured by using a lustrous pile combination of high sheen art silk, rich and soft chenille and wool
· Elegant and fashion-forward designs
· Colors that fit in every modern lifestyle interior
· Sleek hand carved accents
· Handmade in India with 100% Wool
The images presented are informational only and are not intended as a specification. Products may vary from those illustrated and Colors may not be accurate.

Design: 1903
Color: 900
Design: 1904
Color: 110
Design: 1904
Color: 300
Design: 1905
Color: 700
Design: 1906
Color: 900
Design: 1918
Color: 139
Design: 1992
Color: 767
Design: 1993
Color: 967
Design: 1994
Color: 367
Design: 1995
Color: 911
Design: 1996
Color: 111
Design: 1997
Color: 909
Design: 1998
Color: 909