The Ember collection is widely appealing by having a captivating and savvy contemporary look with its modern designs and bold colors while still maintaining the inviting and warm classic look with its 100% wool construct and its hand-made texture. The conjunction of both the contemporary and classic look not only creates a broadly appealing rug, but also creates a sense of fluidity and movement of color. Ember is hand-made in India.  


The images presented are informational only and are not intended as a specification. Products may vary from those illustrated and colors may not be accurate.

Design: 6350
Color: 999
Design: 6351
Color: 919
Design: 6352
Color: 709
Design: 6353
Color: 555
Design: 6354
Color: 913
Design: 6355
Color: 977
Design: 6356
Color: 511
Design: 6356
Color: 595