With a mix of Classic designs and global motifs Genova mixes a vibrant range of colors to create a rich artful collection. The Combination of both chenille and viscose throughout the rug adds a textured motif with shimmering accents. Genova’s soft luxurious feel brings a rich sensation to the touch and a lavish beauty the eye.


The images presented are informational only and are not intended as a specification. Products may vary from those illustrated and Colors may not be accurate.

Design: 38106
Color: 1212
Design: 38132
Color: 7272
Design: 38137
Color: 6262
Design: 38150
Color: 1212
Design: 38152
Color: 1212
Design: 38247
Color: 7525
Design: 38259
Color: 3525
Design: 38259
Color: 6525
Design: 38259
Color: 8555
Design: 38307
Color: 6575
Design: 38413
Color: 1212