·       85% Shrink Space-Dyed Viscose 15% Shrink Polyester, machine-made in Turkey
·       Distressed, traditional designs bring together modern and vintage
·       The process of shrinking the yarn gives the rug density without losing the smooth shine and shimmer of the material
·       The space-dying gives the neutral color palette a glistening transition to different shades
·       Soft touch with intricate design detail
·       Sizing does not include fringe


The images presented are approximations only and not intended as exact representations. Colors are relative due to differences between monitors and designs may slightly vary by size.

Design: 1920
Color: 150
Design: 1921
Color: 900
Design: 1921
Color: 950
Design: 1947
Color: 199
Design: 1948
Color: 190
Design: 1949
Color: 950
Design: 1950
Color: 190