Bali is the perfect combination of hip and sophisticated. While the designs in the Bali collection reflect a trendy and modern motif, its quality of 100% soft polypropylene reflects class and elegance. With use of an innovative new yarn similar to that of microfiber, Bali’s construct makes the look and feel of the rug unlike any other. Finally, its unique and meticulously positioned range of fashion colors allows the rug to be eye-catching yet in a humble way. This collection is perfect for those with a refined and cultivated taste.  Bali is made in Turkey.

Design: 3432
Color: 910
Design: 3434
Color: 100
Design: 3435
Color: 910
Design: 3436
Color: 109
Design: 3436
Color: 909
Design: 3438
Color: 919
Design: 3439
Color: 199
Design: 7710
Color: 599
Design: 7712
Color: 110
Design: 7713
Color: 510
Design: 7719
Color: 199
Design: 9192
Color: 919