Royal Treasure

This viscose collection mixes traditional designs, transitional motifs and contemporary patterns to create a collection that will work for any room. Royal Treasure’s soft lustrous surface features a palette in grey hues with pops of yellow and blue to add a subtle statement. These Rich luxurious color mixed with the silky viscose construction make this collection an elegant foundation for any space.


The images presented are informational only and are not intended as a specification. Products may vary from those illustrated and Colors may not be accurate.

Design: 90265
Color: 934
Design: 90267
Color: 935
Design: 90269
Color: 933
Design: 90270
Color: 934
Design: 90271
Color: 931
Design: 90274
Color: 936
Design: 90275
Color: 934
Design: 90276
Color: 934
Design: 90277
Color: 934
Design: 90278
Color: 934
Design: 90279
Color: 934