This 100% wool collection, Galleria, is all loop and hand made by expert artisans in India. The designs on these rugs are intricate while also being bold and elegant in their symmetry and use of color. Galleria rugs are not something that one gets tired of looking at, making it a great focal point for any room. Its use of tonal or primary colors makes it not only to accessorize with, but also makes rugs in this collection versatile in that they work both in formal and informal settings.   


The images presented are approximations only and not intended as exact representations. Colors are relative due to differences between monitors and designs may slightly vary by size.

Design: 7855
Color: 509
Design: 7861
Color: 590
Design: 7862
Color: 900
Design: 7863
Color: 500
Design: 7864
Color: 910
Design: 7866
Color: 140
Design: 7867
Color: 100
Design: 7868
Color: 901