• 100% Space-Dyed Polyester, Machine-made in Turkey
• The rugs of the Savoy collection provide a fashionable foundation with stylish versatility for any room in your abode
• Soft space-dyed polyester provides a comfortable and cozy feel under your feet
• Uniting both abstract and transitional designs with space-dyed blue, grey, and neutral shades, Savoy rugs are uniquely diverse in color and style
• Non-shedding and easy to care for, these rugs manage to be practical while also being fashion-forward

Design: 3572
Color: 598
Design: 3574
Color: 958
Design: 3575
Color: 899
Design: 3576
Color: 599
Design: 3579
Color: 598
Design: 3580
Color: 899
Design: 3582
Color: 999