·       Blend of polyester and polypropylene, machine-made in Turkey
·       Captivating and chic modern geometric designs with an abstract twist
·       A subtle high-low textured touch enhances the geometric designs while making the abstract background soft, understated complement
·       Shades of greys and beiges allow for versatility in color scheme matching
·       Soft touch with a subtle sheen without losing durability


The images presented are approximations only and not intended as exact representations. Colors are relative due to differences between monitors and designs may slightly vary by size.

Design: 4602
Color: 110
Design: 4603
Color: 109
Design: 4604
Color: 105
Design: 4604
Color: 190
Design: 4604
Color: 910
Design: 4605
Color: 910
Design: 4607
Color: 910