Our belief at Dynamic Rugs is the
coexistence of quality, honesty,
and fair-dealings
  • New Catalog 2017

    The new 2017 Dynamic Rugs catalogs were sent out yesterday and should be arriving to you shortly! This year we created our catalog to embody motifs of interior trends by adding more interior elements, interior colors, styling advice, decoration ideas, etc., thereby creating home design inspiration. Additionally, this year’s catalog has a corresponding Pinterest vision board for each collection. Each of the Pinterest boards reflects a various interior design motif present in the catalog. We truly believe this year’s catalog underlines the spirit of Dynamic Rugs as a contemporary, modern, and innovative brand.

  • Website Updates

    This year, Dynamic Rugs worked with a professional photography team to ensure high-resolution photos that accurately portrayed the colors and textures of our rugs. Our website has been updated with such photos. We also made sure our photography team shot detailed/close-up shots as well as pile shots of our collections so that the pile, plushness, softness, high-low texture, and various other intricacies can be fully appreciated. Some of these detail shots have been included in the catalog, but please do not hesitate to ask for them to be sent to you as well.


    Matthew Rouhanian, founder of Dynamic Rugs in Frederick, Maryland, is a career achievement honoree in the gift and home furnishings industry's 2017 Icon Honors program. Since the inception of the company in 1994, Matthew has relentlessly worked to continously improve and develop customer service as well as provide high quality of products. Matthew Rouhanian shares Dynamic Rugs' Winning Strategies and his inspiring story.