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2023 NEW introductions

Explore our new collections released throughout 2023!
ANNALISE 7602-899-RM.jpg


Traditional designs that add a layer of elegance to any room.

DEJA 4683-915-RM2.jpg


Intricate floral designs, grey tones, and subdued rustic tones bring the perfect balance to your space.

ZAHARA 4411-999-RM.jpg


A unique mixture of geometric and traditional designs set on a delightfully soft heatset polypropylene canvas.

ANCIENT GARDEN 57119-1414-PS.jpg


Founded in 1994, Dynamic Rugs built its business on 3 primary objectives: innovation, quality selection, & prompt service! As a full-service company, we pride ourselves on suppling independent home furnishing
retailers, chain stores & internet vendors throughout the US, Canada & Latin America.

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