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2023 Trending Color Palette

A traditional, red rug in a sleek and classic sitting area.
Briliant 7201-330



Fashion, home design, packaging, and so many more industries wait in anticipation around Thanksgiving-Time for the next year’s “Color of the Year.” Paint and design companies with large authority in the decisions made in design select their color of the year for the next 365 days. We trust these companies to make accurate calls on what colors will have an effect in our lives in the incoming year.

At Dynamic Rugs, we have a wide selection of floor coverings that range from bold statement rugs that grab your attention as soon as you walk in a room, to subtle rugs that blend in with flooring to make a space feel calmer and more balanced. And what better way to ring in the new colors of the year, then to select for you which rugs would go with these influential colors!

Pantone - "viva Magenta"

Pantone, the leading authority of the color industry, is always the first company to turn to when “colors of the year” are announced. Pantone’s selection for 2023’s Color of the Year is Viva Magenta 18-750 TCX- an electrifying and empowering color that was created by Pantone a few years ago. It has been selected to be this coming year’s most influential color to express the current influence the hybrid between our physical and the virtual world have on us. Viva Magenta promotes optimism and change, a perfect color for our ever-changing cultural climate.

Viva Magenta is a color for bold and audacious characters. It would only be fitting to pair this color with an empowering rug. Our “Brilliant” collection in any red shade would be the perfect match because of its melody of daring reds and beautiful floral motifs and patterns. Our Ancient Garden and Dakota collections fit within the same theme and would be great to pair with Viva Magenta, but because these are very eye-catching rugs, be mindful of your color palette and décor items to avoid chaos in that space.

For those who want to use the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 in accent pieces to create a balance in their space, our “Zen” collection would do justice. The blend of distressed geometric and abstract patterns of this rug would bring out the eyes of Viva Magenta, while not obtaining all the attention in the room.

Sherwin-Williams - "Redend Point"

Sherwin-Williams selected a soulful and minimal blush-beige for their 2023 color of the year. Redend Point SW 9081 is a versatile shade that’s so subtle, you could swap it for any cream or soft wheat shade in your home, and it’ll fit right in. Sherman-William’s hopes this color will blend in with a room, so you can focus on making memories and connections that will last a lifetime.

There are so many collections we offer that could flawlessly pair with Redend Point. I recommend selecting an ultra-soft, neutral color rug, especially if you want to paint your walls with this blush-beige Sherwin-Williams’s color. “Silky Shag” would be the best recommended shag rug to display in your room to pair with Redend Point, because of its plush pile and design selections that have similar shades to Redend Point. “Nitro Luxe” and “Callie” both have solid color Ivory rugs in their collections that would fit into any neutral color scheme.

Benjamin Moore - "Raspberry Blush"

Benjamin Moore followed in Pantone’s footsteps this year with selecting an electric and optimistic shade of red for the 2023 year. Unlike the assertive, but not aggressive Viva Magenta, “Raspberry Blush” demands attention from all, and is perfect for maximalist-designed spaces.

If you’re an extravagant designer and want to focus on bringing out the boldness of Raspberry Blush, you might want an exciting, but not overpowering rug to match. Our “Evora” collection has some designs that include hidden shades that are very similar to Raspberry Blush, that are ready to be shown off to the world with a commanding color like Benjamin Moore’s color of the year 2023. The designs present in the Evora collection are fun and engaging, without overshadowing one color.

Behr - "Blank Canvas"

Color and paint companies must have gotten together in a meeting, because a lot of this year’s “Color of the Year 2023” have copycats of one another. Every color has been selected to be warm and inviting, or bold and exciting. Behr’s 2023 color of the year for, “Blank Canvas,” is a neutral color that fits perfectly into any space, much like the neutral beige pink Redend Point, selected by Sherwin-Williams. This color is very self-explanatory- it is a blank canvas you can decorate anything on or add an accent wall color if you choose to paint the rest of your walls this creamy white.

With Blank Canvas, the possibilities are endless! Any one of our rug collections and designs could go with this color. If you want to select a rug that is a similar match to Blank Canvas, pick from our “Abyss” or “Callie” collections, which contain ivory shag rugs with minimal designs, that can be comfortably coordinated into any space. If you’re not a fan of shags, our “Quartz” collection has a very wide range of simple designs in ivory, or a blend of ivory and other colors.


At Dynamic Rugs, we are always following trends throughout the year, and researching what trends are coming next. We have a passion for always being fashion-forward trendsetters in the rug industry. No matter what color of the year you decide to incorporate in your home, we’re certain there is a rug in one of our collections that will be a perfect match with your new favorite color. And if you’re ready to purchase a stylish new rug to fit with your fresh and updated with the new color-of-the-year walls, please go to our dealer locator, where you can find the closest retailer that sells Dynamic Rugs to you.


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