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Introducing the New Dynamic Rugs Website Experience!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

In a never-ending effort to improve customer experience and to celebrate the new year, Dynamic Rugs has launched a brand new website built in-house from the ground up!


landing page

The landing page is where the user "lands" after accessing any given web address. To us, it was very important to capture the desires of the end-user and showcase new developments within the company. One of the focal points of our new landing page is having featured content front-and-center, so users can immediately stay up-to-date on things like new introductions or upcoming market appearances.

Dynamic Rugs landing page with "2022 New Introductions" as the featured post.

Another key addition when compared to our prior website is the vast amount of navigational options. We kept some of the classics, such as "Home," "Collections," "Carpet Selector," "Dealer Locator," and "About Us," but also added a new "Blog" option, which links to our brand new company blog and aims to inform users of company announcements and even some helpful tips such as rug care, trending styles, and more!

We've enlarged many of our site functions to make them easier to find, such as the partner login button and the e-Catalog button found in the top right of the site header. A powerful, large search bar has been added to the center of the header for quick access to your favorite collections.

Under the "More" section, you will find plentiful navigation options for other useful pages, summarized in the list below:

  • Care Instructions -- a helpful page giving in-depth care instructions and answering common questions

  • Customer Service -- your one-stop shop for customer service, including a contact form, location of our headquarters, and operating hours

  • Frequently Asked Questions -- subdivision of our customer service page, and includes some common questions we receive that may solve your questions.

  • Instagram -- a direct feed to our Instagram page

  • Legal -- legal information and disclaimers including our new website privacy policy

  • New Partnerships -- a place for prospective partners to apply for a vendor account

  • Pinterest -- a direct feed to our Pinterest to get inspired

  • Privacy Policy -- subdivision of our legal page, also links from our cookie consent banner

Dynamic Rugs improved featured collections

In the spirit of our previous website, we kept our banner of featured collections. In this layout, we are able to showcase the room scenes more than the old design, along with providing descriptions of each collection before visiting each collection's page.

Dynamic Rugs' new website footer

We have also reimagined our footer, so while we are still providing contact and social media information, we've also added some helpful links to help you navigate the website.

We have also added a newsletter, which you can subscribe to for updates to our website on a monthly basis. We are still rolling out this feature, but stay tuned for further developments on that front!



Dynamic Rugs' category tiles under the products selection

From the initial click of the products category in the navigation bar, you are greeted with wonderful room scenes of our flagship, Ancient Garden. Clicking on "Area Rugs" from this screen will direct you to our different categories, "Machine-Made," "Handmade," "Shag," and "Discontinued," as shown below.

Dynamic Rugs' category tiles within the "Area Rugs" selection

You may also notice the red ribbons at the bottom of each tile, which will allow you to download individual sections of our 2022 catalog based on your desired category. For example, if you are only interested in our handmade assortment, you would click on the "Download All Handmade" button, which will automatically download only handmade items from our catalog.

Dynamic Rugs' product tiles allowing users to visualize rugs before seeing collection

Clicking "Machine-Made" from the categories page will take you to each of our collections that fall under that criteria, laid out into product tiles. Our thought process behind product tiles is that we give users the chance to visualize collections before viewing more options after clicking "View Collection." You may also see that any new collections are indicated with a "NEW" flag at the top left of the room scene.

Dynamic Rugs' Product Directory, which gives users the option to select from a list of rugs instead of product tiles.

We have received mixed reviews on this change, but we also believe giving users a choice in browsing is best. To accommodate those that know which collection they are looking for, we have created a page called our "Product Directory," which brings back the original listing of products as seen on our old website.

Our product directory can be found under Products -> Product Directory within our navigation bar, but can also be found at the top of each page that contains product tiles and categories for quick access to the traditional method of selecting product.

Dynamic Rugs collection page for Ancient Garden, mimics the catalog pages and is the primary page for selecting rugs.

Whether you choose to use the product directory or the product tiles, you will still be linked to the same collection page, which was one of our favorite parts about the development of the new website.

In a design that mimics our e-Catalog, large room scenes are now visible alongside full descriptions, sizing, material, and country of origin information in small red containers on the left third of the image.

You will also note in the top right side of this page, we now offer three buttons to assist you in any product decisions.

The first (from the left), a download button, which operates similarly to the product category tiles described earlier. Clicking on this button will download only the selected collection from our catalog, in this case, Ancient Garden.

The second, a call button, which will use your desired phone app to make a call directly to our customer service team, who can assist you with any questions you may have about the selected collection.

The third, a video button, which links you directly to a video that allows you to visualize the touch and feel of the collection in question. Note: for some of the newer collections, videos may be missing as we await inventory from our factories to reach our warehouse in Maryland.

When you're ready to check out some individual designs, click or tap on the "View Designs" button, which will scroll the page down to our Design Gallery, which will display each design in your selected collection.

Dynamic Rugs' Design Gallery which displays beautiful thumbnail images of all available rugs within the selected collection.

As mentioned earlier, our Design Gallery allows you to see every design within your selected collection. If you would like more information, clicking or tapping on these designs will then bring you to a details page for the individual design, which will give you similar information to what you would see on a hangtag or label displayed on the rugs in-store.


product details

Dynamic Rugs' Product Details, which gives information similar to what is found on hangtags or back labels on the rugs when in-store.

After clicking on your desired design, you will be linked to the page above, which will give details on the style number, material, construction and country of origin, sizing, and whether or not the specific style is discontinued. We are constantly looking to make improvements to our website now that it is designed in-house, so if there are any improvements you would like to see, let us know on our contact page!

Images are also displayed like never before with this page! Clicking on the image itself will provide a magnified view, giving you a look at the fine details of the rug. Below the image, there is also an option to display the full-sized image, where you can save the original image or view it however you please!

For those of you that visited our Las Vegas showroom back in January, you may recognize this page from our QR codes that were displayed on each hangtag from our assortment.


customer service

Contact Us Page for Dynamic Rugs' Website

We have added more information to our contact page! We now include a form submission that links you directly to our exemplary customer service team who can answer any questions you have about our product in a quick, efficient manner!

For our partners that prefer to pickup shipments, we've added a map link that displays our headquarters location, and will help you get directions to ensure your trip to our warehouse is as painless as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions for Rug Buying

Further down the page, you will find a section titled "Frequently Asked Questions." We have added some common questions that our customer service team receives. We are hoping that this section will help a vast majority of our partners and customers, and get them pointed in the right direction as quickly as possible!


Dealer locator

Dynamic Rugs' Dealer Locator, allows users to locate dealers near them with additional information, such as brand logo, web addresses, and email addresses.

Our dealer locator has been completely revamped as well! We have sifted through data for hundreds of our dealers and vastly improved the data that was given from the previous system. Dealers will now have brand images (if applicable) alongside more complete information regarding phone numbers, web addresses, and email addresses.

You can also refine your search to numerous radii, ranging anywhere from 5 miles away to 300 miles away, so we have options for those willing to adventure for their dream rug, or those that wish to explore dealers in their neighborhood.

Don't see a location close to you? Don't worry, we have you covered with our list of great online dealers, who are able to ship throughout the United States and most of Canada!


Carpet Selector

Dynamic Rugs' Carpet Selector, which allows users to select from various categories to narrow down their rug choices.

We know how much our customers love our Carpet Selector, and we're excited to see this vital feature of our website converted to the new platform. We've cleaned up our selection options and opted for a more uniform format for improved readability and efficiency when selecting your dream rug.

We're hoping to streamline this tool in the future, with features like conditional filtering and additional search criteria on the to-do list currently, so stay tuned for those improvements!


new partnerships

Dynamic Rugs New Partnerships page, allowing prospective partners to fill out necessary information for our accounting department.

A feature completely exclusive to our new website experience, we have made it easy to get in-touch with our accounting department for prospective partnerships to begin! After completing a short survey powered by Google Forms, our accounting department will be notified via email of your response and will reach out to you within the next business day.

We wanted to implement a system like this to make for a more streamlined experience with our new partners, and cause less confusion and back-and-forth in the new account set-up process so your company can begin ordering product as soon as possible!

To get started with your Dynamic Rugs partnership, please click here.

To limit spam entries, we have restricted this form to only be fillable by those with a Google Account. To read more about creating a Google Account with your existing email address, please click here.



Blog landing page for Dynamic Rugs

Last but not least and coming full-circle, our blog! Dynamic Rugs will now be publishing blog posts at least once per month. This will be the best place to gain information on our new developments, upcoming market appearances, home design tips, and so much more!

We hope you have enjoyed this informative post on the new direction that Dynamic Rugs has taken with our website! Just as the day we embarked on this massive project, we are always aiming to improve and make it easier for our partners and customers to find the rug of their dreams.

Be sure to follow us on our social media as well for more updates and inspiration!


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