2.2X7.7; 3.11X5.3; 5.3X7; 7.10X10.2



The Harlow collection consists of an interesting mix of both traditional and modern designs, having options for all different décor styles. The collection features browns, blacks, and blues bringing cooler tones to whatever room they are placed in. Harlow’s unique designs are bold and modern, while the traditional designs satisfy with a chic look. Harlow is made of polypropylene and shrink polyester. They will hold up nicely while also feeling soft to the touch, a great addition to homes for a variety of reasons.

Available Sizes: 

2.2X7.7; 3.11X5.3; 5.3X7; 7.10X10.2


Heatset Polypropylene & Shrink Polyester

Country of Origin:


Design Gallery (click images to view more info)

The images presented are approximations only and not intended as exact representations. Colors are relative due to differences between monitors and designs may slightly vary by size. Please note for some tightly woven handmade collections, the thumbnails may appear distorted as a result of downsizing.

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