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2X7.5; 3X5; 5.3X7.7; 6.7X9.6; 7.10X10.8; 9X12.6



Gorgeous traditional Persian designs are refreshed and boldened in Sidra. The exceptional combination of space-dyed polyester and fine polypropylene creates both a look and feel that is noteworthy to even the most passive of passersby. Set against a background of midnight blue or pewter, the timeless patterns of these collection are delicately touched with vogue colors that even a casual viewer will understand the delicacy in which said colors were chosen. Sidra exude class and refinement; the fineness of the polypropylene can allow Sidra rugs to pass as handmade, but in reality, they offer the value and practicality of a machine-made rug.

Available Sizes: 

2X7.5; 3X5; 5.3X7.7; 6.7X9.6; 7.10X10.8; 9X12.6


Space-Dyed Polyester & Fine Polypropylene With Fringe

Country of Origin:


Design Gallery (click images to view more info)

The images presented are approximations only and not intended as exact representations. Colors are relative due to differences between monitors and designs may slightly vary by size. Please note for some tightly woven handmade collections, the thumbnails may appear distorted as a result of downsizing.

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