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Dynamic Rugs® Summer 2023 Las Vegas New Product Preview

All are welcomed to attend our Las Vegas Showcase this Summer to preview our latest qualities that we'll be introducing this market. Show dates are July 30th to August 3rd, 2023, at the World Market Center, Building A, Suite 432. Join us as we introduce brand new construction methods that have led to uniquely affordable, highly sought after quality.

1️⃣ Cosmo

Cosmo Collection - Polypropylene and Shrink Polyester, machine-made from Turkey

First up, Cosmo instills a neutral balance of various greys atop a slightly warm, earthy base. With patterns ranging from transitional to abstracted modern designs, Cosmo is a perfect pair for any high-traffic area to add that subtle flare. Made from high-quality polypropylene & shrink polyester, this machine-made rug from Turkey shines above the competition.

2️⃣ Echo

Echo is the rock that grounds every environment. With silver, grey and beige undertones, Echo distinguishes itself by adding a calm/relaxing touch to any living space. This collection is made from a blend of PET and wool, hand-tufted from India.

3️⃣ Ivy

Ivy Collection - Area Rug, Wool, Handmade in India

The Ivy collection distinguishes itself with a raised, woven pile overtop of a flat border. Uniquely handcrafted in India from the finest wool, Ivy is a subtle addition to any environment. This quality strikes the perfect balance between neutral and warm tones that is a welcoming touch to the eye.

4️⃣ Monroe

Monroe Collection - Area Rug, Frieze Polypropylene and Polyester, machine-made in Turkey

Yet another creative mixture of frieze polypropylene and polyester, the Monroe collection adds a tantalizing appeal to any room with its unique use of neutral tones. Consisting of mostly modern and abstract designs, Monroe elevates spaces without overstating. It is machine-made in Turkey.

5️⃣ Rori

Rori Collection - Area Rug, Recycled Polyester, machine-made in Turkey

Continuing the trend of eco-friendly products, Rori shines above all else with its recycled polyester, machine-made from Turkey. This collection is made up of abstract and transitional patterns, exploring the calming, yet alluring values of a neutral tonal spectrum. Rori is the perfect compliment to any living space.

6️⃣ Timeless

Timeless Collection - Area Rug, polyester, machine-made in Turkey

The soft, yet sturdy construction of our new Timeless collection boasts a brilliant, elegant finish, that flows beyond its presence throughout the entire room. A meaningful combination of soft ivory, mixed with greys, creates an attractive space. Distressed transitional and modern motifs make up this wonderful collection, machine-made from polyester in Turkey.

7️⃣ Whistler

Whistler Collection - Area Rug, polyester, machine-made in Turkey

Consisting of Modern and abstract designs, the Whistler collection takes the ivory/grey motif to the next level. Its shiny plush pile exudes a level of brilliance that is unmatched, visually great for any space. Machine-made in Turkey from the finest polyester material.

8️⃣ Conclusion

Nearing 30 years of amazing service to the textiles industry, Dynamic Rugs® offers over 800+ running line designs and patterns, across 100+ collections. Our goal has never changed in all this time, striving to always grow and innovate as we continue to provide our customers with the best service and fair deals. We welcome your attendance at this markets showroom to explore all our wonderful selections. There is something for everyone here, guaranteed! Dynamic Rugs can't wait to see you there!

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