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What to Consider When Buying a New Rug

With the large variety of rugs out there in the world, it can be pretty intimidating when it’s time for you to pick out a new rug. Whether it’s for your living room, bathroom, bedroom or somewhere else, there are a variety of things you will need to think about when selecting a rug. While it might seem a bit crazy, do not worry. We’ve set out a few items to think about when choosing a new rug below: size, material, and color.


When it comes to selecting a rug, the size can make or break the look of your room. Choosing a rug that is too small can make the room feel incomplete and empty. Picking one that is too large can lead to a room feeling cramped and without space. When selecting your rug, it is important to consider the size of the room you are placing it in to make sure that it will bring balance to the room.

A good benchmark for sizing is making sure that the rug is long enough to fit underneath the main furniture items you have in your room. In a living room, that would include the sofa, loveseats, and the coffee table. For the kitchen, it would probably include the table and the chairs around it. Keep in mind it doesn’t necessarily have to fit all the way under every piece, like a sofa for example. Even if part of the rug overlaps, it will help the room design feel more complete.

Rectangular shaped geometric pattern area rug in living room.
The Tessie collection is a great rug for many rooms, and even outdoor spaces!

Another guideline that may help is to base your selection off wall size. Typically, choosing a rug about two feet shorter than the smallest wall in your room will give you a great place to start in picking out the best sized rug for your room.

One size rug might work for your home and not in someone else’s. Rugs can also come in different shapes depending on the sizing you need. These include rounds, ovals, and runners. If one size does not meet your approval, going with a rug that features a circular shape or a runner might be a better option. This can be especially true for those that have a circular kitchen table. Not every room is the same, but these couple of rules should help you get started.

Multi-color round area rug in living room.
Dynamic Rugs offers round rugs as well, including some from the Venus collection.


Just like size, there are a variety of different materials to choose from when picking out a rug. Some are better suited for certain environments than others. A high foot-traffic area could call for one type of rug while a moist environment might require another. Other things to keep in mind are the feel of the rug and the budget you have for the rug.

For example, if you live with kids or pets and expect that you will need to clean your rug more often, you may want to consider choosing a rug that is made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers tend to hold up better when dealing with staining in comparison to other materials. Types of synthetic fiber rugs include nylon and polyester. Not every synthetic rug is the same, but they do hold some similar qualities between them.

Red traditional pattern area rug made of polypropylene synthetic fibers
The Ancient Garden collection is made from decolan polypropylene synthetic fibers.

If you want something that feels nice to the touch, you may prefer a rug made of natural fibers. Natural fibers tend to feel quite a bit fancier in comparison to synthetic fibers. While they can be harder to clean, and some natural fibers tend to shed, it can all be worth it if you are willing to be diligent about upkeep. Natural fibers grant owners a rug that looks and feels great, allowing them to be the envy of friends and family. Natural fiber rugs include materials like wool and cotton.

Not all rugs were made with the same material, which means they are not priced the same either. If you are looking for something more affordable, synthetic may be the way to go. But if you’re willing to spend the extra dollar for quality, natural fiber rugs might be the ones for you.

Brown handmade natural fiber jute and rayon chenille area rug with interesting visual pattern.
The Shay collection is handmade using a combination of jute and rayon chenille.


When it comes to color, it all comes down to preference. Depending on the room you have, you may want to select a color that compliments it. On the other hand, you may just want to select a color that you think looks interesting and fun.

A room’s atmosphere can shift depending on the rug color of choice. If you want your room to feel a bit bigger, consider going with a brighter rug. A brighter rug can make a tiny room feel wider and more open. If you are going for a soothing environment, you may want to choose a more muted color.

Neutral color rugs such as this Astro rug, can really bring a room together.

You could also simply want the rug to match the colors in your room. Look at the rest of the color scheme in the room. Are the walls painted? Do the colors of the furniture match one another? You may want a grey or ivory colored rug to help balance the bright shades within the rest of the room. Or maybe you want to find the perfect accent piece to go with your furniture. The possibilities are endless.

Color selection doesn’t need to be hard. Make it fun. Just like with any other aspect of home décor, you can mix and match until you come up with the combination that suits you and your room.

Blue, grey, and ivory diamond pattern modern area rug for living room use.
Dynamic Rugs carries a wide variety of colors and designs that match well with any style of décor!


In conclusion, there are many aspects in rug selection that need to be considered before making a purchase. We hope that these handful of tips can help make starting your search a little bit easier. But just remember, not every room is the same. A rug that might look great in one room, might not be the best fit for another.

If you are now itching to explore some rug designs, feel free to look at our products page. You will see we have a variety of material, size, and color options. Our wide range of quality rugs will ensure that there are options for just about anyone. If you wish to purchase one of our rugs after browsing our collections, please take a look at our dealer locator.

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